About Me
My name is Sarah McKinney and I want to share a little about myself. When I was a child I had the opportunity to grow up in Central America because my parents were missionaries. While we were down there we traveled all around building churches and houses for those who were not able to. With all of this experience there were only two things that I wanted to do with my life and those are building spaces for people and traveling.

          After ten years in Central America we moved back and I attended Kansas City Christian High School were I had the privilege to explore all of the possibilities for my life. I continued to travel to Central America whenever the opportunity arise and build more churches. Once I graduated from High School I wanted to explore the possibility of Graphic Design and attended Southern Nazarene University for three semesters. During my third semester one of my professors asked me why I was in Graphic Design and not Interior Design or Architecture. Realizing that I had strayed away from my real dream I transferred from Southern Nazarene University to Park University to follow my calling. While at Park University I was able to attend a study abroad program and study Ancient Architecture in Greece and go on two more trips to Central America.

          While in college I met my husband, Marcus, who is in the Air Force.  After we were married we moved to Belgium.  Living over here has open opportunities to travel around Europe and Africa and see more of the world.  It also provided me with a chance to attend a Belgium University and start my Masters in Interior Architecture. 

          Through all of these experiences they have made me the designer that I am today. I know I want to create beautiful, sustainable, and functional spaces for people and have received the experience to do this. As long as I am designing, traveling, and helping others my life will be complete.