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Paper Organization Plan:

Storage/Inventory Organization Plan:

First Consultation:

This is the time where I learn about your project and you meet me.  During this time we will go over the contract and you will choose which services you would like from me.  If needed, after the contract is signed I will measure and photograph your space.  

*Photographs will only be used by me for refernce unless the photo release is signed.

Is your office just taken over by piles of paper?  Do you have trouble locating that certain file you need?  

This Paper Organization Plan is a custom solution for all of your paper needs.  You will recieve a plan that will have a paper system that I recommend, categories that you should use, and where you should located them.  There will even be product recommendations that you can buy locally or online.  

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Your business has a lot of stuff, but where do you put it?  How do you store it?  What system or programs should you use to keep track of it?  

This Storage/Inventory Organization Plan is the answer.  After an extensive consultation Sarah will create the perfect plan that is customized to your needs.  It can include location recommendations, storage product recommendations, and even a tracking system.  

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Organizing by the Hour:


During our consultation I will give an estimate on how long the project will take and the price.  We will then come up with a plan on how and when we will get the job done.
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This is a service that I can either go shopping with you or go shopping for you.  You must have purchased an Organization Plan or scheduled an Organizing Session for this service.  This service is charged by the hour and driving time counts towards that.
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