Commercial Services

Home Staging Services:

First Consultation:

Organization Plan:

The first one hour at home consultation is free.  This is the time where I learn about your project and you meet me.  During this time we will go over the contract and you will choose which services you would like from me.  If needed, after the contract is signed I will measure and photograph your space.  

*Photographs will only be used by me for refernce unless the photo release is signed.

An Organization Plan is a service that I provide for the people who want to do the project on their own.  The client will recieve a PDF of everything that they will need to know for the project.  You can also learn more about the Organization Plans by visiting my  Commercial E-Organizing.
If you have a residential or commercial property to sell I can help you with my Home Staging Services.  I do not provide furniture to rent but I do provide other unique services.  

First, I can do Home Staging with the clients furniture and decorations.  This can also include decluttering and packing assistance if needed.

Second, I can provide Virtural Staging.  This is where I create floor plans and images of the space for you to show potential buyers how an empty space can look.  

Please contact Sarah for any questions and pricing.

Small Business Organization:

Retail Store Services:

Small businesses can use my services as an organizer.  There are many projects I can help with but some of them are:
  • Papaer Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Office Layout

Please contact Sarah for and questions and pricing.
If you own a store front then I can help you with my Retail Services.  With this service I will use my degree in Interior Design to help you set up your store or give it a facelift.  

Please contact Sarah for any questions and pricing.